Last week I set out to find some fabric to cover the cradle pad we will use for baby brother. I didn't have any specific ideas of what I wanted in regards to fabric except simple + clean. I ended up choosing a blue seersucker and I'm in love. (Please ignore the fact that it needs ironed and that my images are paltry.) Can I also say I never thought I'd be a cradle person but we used this one with Livi and loved it. It was actually the cradle that my husband used when he was a baby so it has a bit of meaning for us.

I am still trying to get used to 'boy things' having had 'girl things' in my mind for the last couple of years. When we were shopping for the fabric, my sweet shopping companion, Livi kept commenting on all the pretty fabric, "ooh pretty!' Thank you my dear but that is not very helpful when looking for boyish/manly fabric. :)

Oh! and see that cute blanket? A couple months ago I won a giveaway on Shelter from Pixie Dust Decor, a textile and decor design shop. It was right after I found out I was pregnant and wasn't sure what I was having. I had a hard time deciding on a fabric choice but ended up with the aqua lattice blanket. I love it! I like that you can use their fabrics to mix + match and create a custom nursery or give a great gift.


alli/hooray said...

Isn't seersucker the best?
I love the baby crib! I like that kind of style. It's so sweet that it used to be your husband's.

Jamie said...

So cute! I love the stripes Heather!

The cradle looks great, it's neat that you can use it since Jeremy did.

Ha ha, I loved hearing about your shopping trip with Livi. :)

stacy said...

So glad you are enjoying the blanket and thank you for introducing us to your readers!

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