A while back, I mentioned that I had made pickles. I've had a few inquiries so I thought I'd share how they turned out.
Never having made nor eaten homemade pickles before I'll be honest in saying that I'm not quite sure how exactly they are supposed to turn out (besides tasting like a pickle). That being said I thought they turned out pretty good! I only wish they had a bit more crunch to them but I'm sure that can be achieved with a little more practice/research. 

The dill pickle recipe I used came from tasty kitchen and found it to be really user friendly. We received a grocery sack of garden fresh cucumbers this weekend so I'm thinking of trying a different recipe. Here are a few I've found if you are interested...

On a related note...How perfect is this printed pickle jar from terrain? I might need it!

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alli/hooray said...

thanks for the info!
I would totally love to use those terrain jars, too!

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