craft room {inspiration}

i've been working on some {sewing and crafting} projects recently and have been craving a bonafide work space just for me.  we are currently tiny apartment dwellers and there is no where to work except at the kitchen table.  as you can imagine this sometimes presents problems. we've learned to deal with it but that doesn't mean i won't stop dreaming of having my own space someday.
Livy's craft closet is so sweet
real simple {above and below}
love that wallpaper and desk


Ash said...

Heather, I dream of that, too. Our spare room is full of my junk--I need to get it organized and then MAYBE it'll be acceptable. You need to see this craft space by Candice Stringham... I dream about her closet-sized crafting area ALL THE TIME.


Hope all is well! P.S. We should get together sometime. I want to meet your baby!

Jackie Norris said...

Oh, I love those craft areas! So pretty! I'm really into the shelving thing...

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