what's your decorating {anthro} style?

anthropologie has categorized some of their lovely goods into different decorating styles. i think my style leans more to the classics with a touch of feminine and a hint of au courant.
so what's your decorating style? do tell!


Susan Petersen said...

sweet, i am going to have to go and check that out. i wonder how baby teething toys and crayon murals on the wall say about my decorating style?

Ash said...

I think mine is au courant, maybe a little city hip.

And yes, totally serious! When would you like to get together? That would be fun!

Stephen and Mandy said...

I'd have to say I'm just like you, a mixture of all three of those.

Madeline P said...

I think I am a mix of city, classic, and au currant. And I believe I just found my new favorite blog!

Love what you are doing here. I will be back often! Thanks for stopping by.


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