morning bake session

so i'm not much of a baker.
it's not that i don't like to bake. i do!
it's just something that i don't make a lot of time for.
and when i do have the time I always wonder why i don't do it more often.

i decided to make up some little cookie bags to deliver to friends.
it's better that they eat them, my waist doesn't need them.

i created little bag toppers using the note card part of this stationary set from creature comforts.
 if you don't read creature comforts you might want to think about adding it to your reader. she has great taste and highlights beautiful things.

have a favorite thing to bake?


Holly said...

I wish I was your friend. Those look delicious! And the toppers are a way cute idea. So crafty.

thedoodlegirl said...

What a wonderful way to make those baked goods look even MORE fabulous! Your friends are very lucky. :)

Heather J said...

oh holly, next time i make cookies i'll mail them to you. they might not be fresh but at least you can be my friend. ;)

You Are My Fave said...

These look so good right now. And good idea to use that stationary download. Really cute.

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