the lighter side of things

hello! i hope you enjoyed your weekend? are you excited for a short week and lots of yummy food? i know i am! thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

so programming is going to be a bit light for the next two weeks. finals are coming and i have to study my heart out.  that means i won't have much time to blog. but! i'm not going to leave you with nothing, i will be posting some pretty things.

i'll be back in business on Monday Dec. 7th with a giveaway so make sure to come back and enter.  i think you'll like it!

 cute right? : ) it's snowing right now and i can't believe i'm loving it!


Holly said...

I can't believe I'm MISSING the snow. Who would have thought. I actually said this exact phrase yesterday, "Fall is lasting too long." AHHHH! What have I said? My favorite season.

Jamie said...

Good luck with your finals! Hang in there the next couple weeks, I hope everything goes well.

Jackie Norris said...

Good luck with finals!

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