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even though i'm married and not planning a wedding, one of my favorite types of blogs to read are all things wedding. you name a blog and it's probably in my google reader. i love reading them not only because i'm a bit of a romantic but they are chock full of inspiration. ideas for parties, decor and gorgeous photos, etc.

 a while back i came across the inspired bride and basically fell in love with it's loveliness. one of my favorite segments they do is their color palettes where they take an inspirational image and pull colors from the photo to create a color palette. i came across two color cards with palettes i thought would be great to use as inspiration to design a room around for my little girl.

granted i'm not even close to an interior designer so these boards were for fun although i'd like to use some of these ideas in the near future. i based both rooms off of the color cards as well as the crib that we own. i was going for a slightly non-traditional baby/kid room with lots of color and texture. i'm not sure which one i like most but had a lot of fun making these.

room #1

room #2

Suitcase Set
Pendant lamp
Andrea Rug
Clybourn Loft Chair-Oatmeal
Floral Pillow
Rust Ruffles Pillow
ABC's Print
Betta Fish
Stick Lamp-Pink Denim

pieces that are in both rooms:
Mercer Crib (this is the crib we own and love!)


Roxie said...

ohhh I love Room 2! good job..you got the knack for that sorta thing!

Jackie Norris said...

So cool! I love the color palate thing, and your creations are awesome!

Holly said...

Oooh. I love that. I want to do some for myself.

Becky said...

PLEASE keep doing these posts!! I love the color palette room ideas!! These help lots and I love showing them in a room bringing it all together.

I think your blog is lovely thanks for all the inspiration!

Heather J said...

becky: thank you! i'm glad you liked it!

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