monday mashup

good morning sunshine! did you have a good weekend? mine was pretty good. amongst many things, the sun decided to come out on saturday so we spent the day playing and soaking up some good vitamin D! i'm glad we did because today is not so pretty.

wow! does anyone else think it's crazy that it's already March!? hopefully that means spring is on the way.

today i thought i'd do a mashup of random things i feel like sharing.  i hope you have a great monday!

:: i have a thing for birds so I'm loving these adorable hello bird  note cards. i'd love to get one in the mail!

:: this song has been on serious repeat lately!

:: have you seen this DIY Oscar Party? if not go check it out (part I and II)! Kathleen has serious talent and style.

:: speaking of parties, this birthday party is so sweet and i love its simplicity.

:: if you're like me you've got a pile of clothes in your closet begging to be worn, maybe just not by you. Madeline has opened up Uber Chic Boutique, an online shop where you can buy and sell gently worn goods. great idea!

- psst...it's still not to late to enter!

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Barb said...

That song is great! Thanks for passing it on. I'd never heard it before, and I'm always looking for new music.

Holly said...

You're too sweet for putting my cards on here! I'm working on some more stuff to put up... hopefully there will be more soon!

Madeline P said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am loving the shop.

You going to add your stuff to the mix any time soon? ;)

Heather J said...

Madeline, I need to! Just have to sort through all my clothes.

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