pretty papered walls

Last week I came across two different but similar photos with the idea of gluing book pages to the wall. I'm liking this look. It'd be perfect for a small wall such as an entry, bathroom (you'd have lots to read ;), or maybe in a playroom. We are hoping to be in a house by the end of the summer and i've been decorating an un-seen house in my head. I've had enough of white-walled apartments so this idea is something i'd like to try.

Emily from Jones Design Company papered a small half wall in her living room. It's no wonder she claims this as a favorite spot in her house. Oh, I also really like that table! It's pretty.

I came across this pretty picture on from the right bank. On this wall they used pages from a dictionary but I'm sure anything goes. It'd be pretty to find a french novel or a vintage childrens book with illustrations.


Holly said...

That's a really interesting idea. I like the first one a lot.. a little more subtle and I'd only do it on a small wall. I can't wait until you have a house and start doing your projects.

Jackie N said...

Um, that's awesome. I'm with Holly, I like the first one a little better. What a cool idea!

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