here are a few things Shannon is currently loving...

2. Sandwiches: spring & summer always bring mad sandwich cravings.

3. Flying: Good weather means getting back in the cockpit more often.

4. Books: Ernest Hemingway & C.S. Lewis are really doing it for me these days. I'm quite looking forward to being able to relax in the sand & soak up the sun while I read. I really enjoy Hemingway's style & prose, I never tire of it. And I adore C.S. Lewis' symbolism & simplicity.

5. Ruffles: Mostly on sweaters, cardigans, & the like.

6. Heels, heels, & more heels. Oh & pencil skirts: The businesswoman in me has emerged since moving & having to find a new job. I quite like it.

7. Plain white t's (v-necks) w/ jeans &/or shorts

8. Gladiator shoes: Mostly the flats, but the occasional heel or wedge. I think they're great paired with the above mentioned t-shirt & jeans.

9. Paramore: I seriously CANNOT get enough of these guys! I am pretty sure I have listened to them everyday since their new album came out in October. Not to mention their show I went to last May, they rock the live shows for sure!

thanks for sharing your list Shannon!


1 comment:

Jackie N said...

Totally with you on C.S. Lewis, he's one of my all-time favorites. I've never read Hemingway (not sure how I got away with that!)...I should give him a try!

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