great idea : neighborhood fruit

My always in the know sister in law passed along this website and I thought it was worth sharing. Thanks Jamie!

Neighborhood Fruit is a website where you can find and/or share fruit locally. By putting in your zip code, you are able to find people with extra produce and then you can go and pick it on your own!  It goes the other way as well, if you have an abundance of backyard fruit, you post on the site the fruit you'd like to get rid of and people come take it off your hands.

Right now locally, there is someone in my area who'd like to get rid of some plums. Of course what is available totally depends on your location and if there are people in the area who know about this resource. It'd be great if the word got out so that everyone can benefit.  I'd love to find someone with an over-abundance of peaches so that we can bottle them.

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Jackie N said...

Wow, what an awesome idea! Thanks for the info!

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