One of my goals in the next year is to take a floral design class or even a semester course just for fun. I love trying to arrange my own florals. So much so that my sweet husband has taken to buy me flowers in bulk instead of a pre-made bouquet just so I can do the arranging myself.

I've scouted a few local shops that offer classes but if I were anywhere near NYC I'd love to take a class from Little Flower School. The classes are taught by the talented Sarah of Saipua and Nicolette of Nicolette Camille Floral Design.

And because I love good design, how great is the Saipua shop/workshop?

Any skills you'd love to learn, just for fun?

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Jackie N said...

I took a flower arranging class at Nicole Hill's Art Weekend last year and it was really fun!

There are a lot of random things I'd like to learn about... I think it keeps life interesting!

Heather J said...

I wanted to take that same class but wasn't able to make it. I bet it was good!

And you're right...learning new things does keep life interesting. :)

Terri said...

Learning to arrange flowers would be fun... especially if I got to spend time in the workshop at Saipua!

I would love to learn how to knit and crochet.

Amy said...

this is something I'd love to learn too! I didn't even think about looking for classes!

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