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What are your feeings on wall stripes? Would you ever use them in your home?

I think I would like to try them, perhaps in a playroom or kid's bedroom for starters.

Michelle is a great example of someone who used them and in a fresh way too.


Holly said...

I'm sure you have... but have you seen these stripes?
So cute! I love this whole room.

Jackie N said...

I love stripes, even though there aren't a lot around our house. I'm more likely to use them for fabric, but those walls are so fun!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

i LOVE stripes!

paula said...

love. love and more love although they will probably never make it into my home. I am such a plain jane.

Jamie said...

So cute! Those rooms are so fun!

BEN and BRIT said...

Stripes are a definite DO. I'm like you though and would probably put them in a kids room or maybe my laundry room.

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