Hey all! How is your week going thus far? We've been battling the sickies at our house since the weekend and I'm up to my ears in tissues between the little one and myself. Hopefully we are on the mend soon!

Anywhoo...what do you say to a mid-week mashup? Oui? Here are just a few things that I've seen around and feel like sharing:

:: I'm a big fan of fashion artist Dallas Shaw and was excited to see these sweet paper doll downloads from Dace. I'd like to frame these for Olivia's room. {via two ellie}

:: A thank you note a day. How thoughtful and amusing.

:: I would really like to try making this cake. It sounds so good!

:: Nichole's blog has me dreaming of strolling down quaint Parisian streets.

:: I'm liking these new goods at Target.

{photo via}

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paula said...

My ellie has been sick too. Blah. Hope you all are feeling a bit better soon.

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