::  Thinking ahead to Christmas, these flower pins would be perfect little gifts for my nieces.

:: When we lived in Utah, our favorite pizzeria had the best focaccia bread. Since we no longer live there I'm hoping this recipe is a good substitute.

:: This cowboy birthday party is pretty much awesome!

:: S'more party goodness.

:: Loving Kirsten's new series, good design with kids in mind.



Anna Walker said...

I Am so thinking about Christmas already too!
I have gift ideas for my grandmother and one of my friends! (I don't like using giftcards for most of the gifts either!)


Jamie said...

I love, love, love your mashup days!

How cute are the pins!? Thanks for sharing, I really want to try them.

I'll be back to check your other links, I love all of the things you find.

thompsonfamily said...

I LOVE the pins!! I want to make some now too. And, guess what? Today Cole told me he wanted a Sherriff Woody birthday party. Looks like I am all set :)

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