mini mash

Hey friends! Nope, no baby yet (hopefully this week) but I do have to say I am enjoying my little blog break. That being said, I couldn't resist sharing a mini mashup of fun things I've seen around the web.

:: Sweet Paul is at it again with his Holiday issue.

:: Speaking of magazines, I'm sure you've already been informed but if not take a look at Gifted.  

:: Feeling a bit crafty? How about a yarn wreath?

:: Have left over yarn? How about some fun yarn wrapped letters?

Have a lovely week, talk to you soon!

xo ~ Heather


Nikki said...

I've wanted to do the yarn wreath ever since you posted the etsy one. Maybe it's time for me.

Hope you're enjoying your time before the new babe comes. Or at least sleeping ;)

alli/hooray said...

wishing baby a safe arrival! take care.

ps. loving Sweet Paul's latest, too :)

Urban Floral said...

Hello Heather!

Long time no... comment on blog! Rox told me that you were having another little one, congrats!!

I saw your post about the boots... I too was debating about those lovely Steve Maddens. Then I found these at payless:


Almost the same, easier on the holiday budget. Good luck with the new babe!

Heather J said...

Thank you Nikki and Alli!

Thanks for the tip Candyce. I'll be sure to go check them out. I almost like them better.

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