Hello and Happy New Year!

{ a great  list of things to resolve to do no matter the year or time }
It amazes me that it is already a new year but I am excited for it! I have been thinking about resolutions and goals, etc. and if there were any that I wanted to make. After thinking it over I decided on one resolution to make a stronger effort to not procrastinate and a goal to craft/sew at least one project a month for the next year.

So that I don't procrastinate I plan to share my craft/sewing projects with you (whether good or bad) so you all can hold me accountable for completing them. :) Stay tuned for one this week!
Thanks for letting me take a blog break for the last couple of months. It was much needed but I missed blogging and am happy to be back.



Nikki said...

Welcome back! Any photos of your newbie?

Jackie Norris said...

Glad to have you back and looking forward to seeing your projects this year!

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