workplace envy

I so wouldn't mind being the coffee girl if it meant I had the opportunity to work at the headquarters of Urban Outfitters (including Anthropologie and Free People). Okay...that isn't entirely true, I would more prefer to be something like the in-house clothing tester but any job would be amazing. Can you imagine working in a place like this? Totally inspiring!

The company moved its headquarters from downtown Philadelphia to the city's decommissioned Navy shipyards. In repurposing the buildings for use, they tried to leave as many elements of the buildings as they could...even graffiti on the walls. I love that!

For an interesting read on the headquarters and more photos head here. 

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Jen Adair said...

What a gorgeous work space!!! I think that employees work so much better and are much happier in a well designed space. Way to go Urban Outfitters!

Jen @ Opal Never Shouts

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