1. I am doing stripes like this to my downstairs over Spring Break. I have always been a striped kind of gal.

2. Those are children whom we are working with in Guatemala. They just received the school supplies we sent. LOVE THEM!

3. I am a collector of SHOES. I want these and these. I think everyone needs a good red casual shoe plus it goes to a good cause. I love me a good cause. ;)

4. Stripes (there we go again) and blazers.

Hooray for stripes, shoes and good causes! Thanks for sharing your list with us Cherine. Please go and take a look at the cause Cherine is passionate about!

If you are interested in sharing your list, we'd love to read it! Go here for details.


Jillian said...

love this list! i want those toms and sandals :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Cherine said...

:) Thanks lady!

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