thinking spring

Hello my lovely readers! How pretty are these blooms? Doesn't it just make you crave spring? We are having some really wonderful weather right now in Fort Worth so my little family and I have been spending lots of time outdoors.

Source: flickr.com via Mary on Pinterest

I am going to take an early weekend and leave you with these florals as we are headed to San Antonio today to finish up our spring break. I hope that you have an amazing weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day today! Thanks for reading olive & a!

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The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous..pink flowers especially tulips, peonies and roses are my all time fave! So nice finally getting to see some buds, petals and greenery!!

Nikki said...

Beautiful spring blooms. I've been waiting paitently for my camilia bush to bloom. Something tells me the Husband may have pruned when I asked him not to.

Have fun on your Spring Break and say hello to my cousin at Trinity ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flower round up! I love all the different hues of pink.

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