In a few weeks we will be moving into a new place and I'm excited to try some new things in terms of decorating. To be honest, our current place isn't really decorated. When we moved in here we were under the impression that we'd only be here for four months. Well...four months has turned into a year an a half. It's sad. We aren't sure how long we'll be in our new place but I'm determined to not live with blank walls.

Gallery walls seem to be ever present in design these day and with good reason. If presented well, they are a great way to show off art and photographs in your home.

We will have a skinny wall between two doors in the living room that I'm thinking something like this chic monochromatic gallery would look good.

{via made by girl : photo - Ashlee Raubach}

 OR, something like these all-white frames that showcase a more relaxed/casual but still well styled look.


Olivia and Landon will be sharing a room so I have been entertaining doing a more funky gallery wall in there with some fun art and pictures of the kids and family.

What do you think, are you a fan of gallery walls? Have you done one in your home?


The enchanted home said...

Love a gallery wall, such a great way to express yourself and make it something highly individual and different. Good luck wtih your move!

Caitlin Thompson said...

I love the white frames. I kind of tried to do the same thing in our bedroom with a lot of black frames with family pictures. Its a work in progress. I am excited for you guys to get into your new place!!

Tang said...

I have done the exact same thing! I moved into this apartment and have refused to decorate it because I thought we wouldn't be here very long and I don't love the place. But we've been here 2 years now...! Anyway, I love gallery walls and want to do that with all my photos! My walls are still blank though. :(

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Love gallery walls! I prefer the ones similar to your first inspiration (ordered). It is a great way to show off art work and to fill a large empty space

Cherine said...

When are you moving and where? I love gallery walls. I haven't put mine up since I repainted the entry way but I have all my frames collected. So that will be part of my Summer to do's! :)

www.StarHughes.com said...

I love gallery walls! You can never have enough pictures decorating the home. My favorite are black and white pictures of my family though!
Star Hughes Living

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