beauties from the backyard

i love the summer season for many reasons
but one of my top reasons is all the sweet fruit that abounds.
the hubs and i have spotted several
fruit stands selling cherries and we began to crave.
the other day i noticed a couple cherry trees in the yard
and promptly asked the landlord if we could pick some.
sure thing! oh they are so yummy.


Jamie said...

We are so jealous about your cherry tree! :) How are the cherries? Do they produce for quite awhile? I'm so happy for you guys!

I wish we would have had time to come by and pick a few-so fun! We just bought a few from the store this week (totally not as original). :)

{Heather} said...

i'm sorry we didn't get any out to you while you were here. they were good except the birds got a hold of a lot of them...darn birds!

Jamie said...

Oh, it's totally fine. :) I think you guys found out about them just a day or so before we left.

The birds are getting to them!?! That's so sad! ha ha, our neighbor said the same thing happened w/ our garden while we were away. He was watching a couple tomatoes in particular until they were 'just so' to pick and enjoy. He said he woke up the morning he thought they'd be ready to enjoy and the same thing - birds ate them! So sad. We've never had birds before/since.

Maybe you could fence the trees? :)

LindsB said...

you are so lucky! what a great treat to have in your own backyard :)

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