amy atlas events

one of my favorite places to go to for eye candy (literally)
amy and her team create unique dessert tables for
weddings, parties and other celebrations.
the tables are beautiful and would certainly be the center of the party.

such a great source of inspiration for any kind of party!

you can be sure that i am taking notes for future parties.

you can find a lovely interview of amy on decor8 where she talks

about how she got started and little details about her business.

for more yummy eye candy and inspiration, check out her blog.

have any go to places for eye candy?


Jamie said...

Those all look so neat! I wonder if it was a pain to get the balloons at the exact same height? They look really neat and would be an easy thing to add at parties.

The candy, yum! I'd love to go to party like that. :)

Unfortunately, no great eye candy links to share with you-I'm just glad you share with us! I love seeing your ideas.

Jackie Norris said...

Thanks for the link! I love all the sites you have listed on the right...some I follow and you introduced me to some new ones!

Right now I'm obsessed with tumblr blogs. I love images (shocking, right?). My favorites now are maryruffle.tumblr.com, kellymccaleb.tumblr.com and alittlesussy.tumblr.com

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