currently loving: billy buttons

i am loving these modern, bright little flowers i keep seeing around the web.
billy buttons (also know as craspedia or billy balls) are related to the daisy.
they look great in a white vase for a modern touch,
but i also love seeing them mixed with other flowers to create a lovely bouquet
what flowers are you currently loving?
{pic 1, pic 2, pic 3 via}


Jackie Norris said...

Those are way cool! I love that yellow color.

I'm loving all flowers. I want a garden so I can plant some and have something real in my house! Someday...

Amy and David said...

Hi Heather, This is Amy from your ward. Way cute flowers :) Do you do all kinds of waxing???

Holly said...

I love those too! Especially in the bouquet.

{Heather} said...

Hey Amy!

Yes! I do more than eyebrows. Pretty much everything! You can email me or call me if you have any other questions. :)

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