glam nursery

how gorgeous is the nursery?
i adore the muted color scheme with pops of orange and yellow.
i need that lamp and table!

love how the wallflowers are escaping the frame. too cute!

i'll be honest, right now we are in a cramped one bedroom apt. and i can't wait till my little one has her own room. oh the ideas and projects i want to do. until then i'll just keep adding to my idea folder. i found this nursury via this sweet flickr group pool called "go to your room" kids rooms at home. a great place not only for nursery inspiration but actually any room.


Madeline P said...

I love! I don't yet have a baby but this is exactly the kind of nursery I want to have.

Jackie Norris said...

I love that flower frame! So creative!

Jamie said...

I love those flowers and the frame! Have you seen the Pottery Barn butterfly mobile? It looks neat on the site but it's amazing in real life! I'd imagine there's a way to create it, I just haven't had the time (or energy) but it looks so neat in person. It's kind of similar.


I'm with you. We have a house now but still haven't spent the money or space to do a nursery or a real 'decorated' kids room either for that matter . . . one day.

Jamie said...

Okay, so I just typed up that about the mobile and wondered if I had sent you a link to it before? lol. Sorry if I did, I'm totally losing my mind I think. :)

Heather {J} said...

Jamie: you're okay! you did send me the link a while ago and it's a really cute. i'm with you, i bet it would be easy to recreate. most likely need a butterfly paper punch and an embroidery hoop and some fishing wire.

Jamie said...

Sorry, I'm totally losing my mind. :(

(although it is a little funny I guess).

I LOVE the silhouettes Heather! They look GREAT! What did you use to cut them? Was it hard? They look really really good!

Good job!

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