of butterflies and bark

i think this is a fun, whimsical idea...

these butterflies were cut from bark that had fallen off trees. if you don't have fallen tree bark handy, you could recreate this idea using wood veneer paper. this idea came from a whole lotta lovely, which is a very lovely read and one i'd suggest.

while we're on the subject of wood, husband and i scored a sweet deal on a dining room set a while back and we (well mostly the husband to be honest) spent the weekend sanding it down.  today we plan on staining and making it sexy! :) i'm so excited to have somewhere pretty to eat. i'd like to share pics when it's finished, if you don't mind.

(on a more random note) speaking of bark, i am so totally craving peppermint bark. yum! i love this time of year!

1 comment:

Jackie Norris said...

ooh, i want to see your new table! When we get in our new place I hope we can find a steal and refinish a new set too. I'd love to see what you did and get some inspiration!

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