25 things

i turned 25 today (eek!) and i have a lot to be thankful for and happy about. i thought i'd share a few things that make me ridiculously happy (in no particular order)....

1. spontaneous dance sessions with my little goose
2. discovering new shops
3. the smell and sound of a pouring rain
4. my family
5. getting a new magazine in the mail
6. and then getting uninterupted time to read it
7. random notecards in the mail just to say hello
8. driving around to look at interesting/cool/gorgeous houses
9. going on walks with my little family
10. spring buds on the trees
11. scoring something awesome at the thrift store
12. waking up to the adorable babbling of goose
13. french fries
14. laughing so hard it hurts
15. getting an A on a test i studied hard for
16. buying a new pair of shoes that are actually comfortable AND cute
17. when the morning sun streams through the window(s)
18. a cloudless sky
19. the feeling you get before a rollercoaster hits it's first peak and then drops
20. the anticipation of flying somewhere, anywhere
21. knowing i'll be with my husband and kid(s) forever
22. getting a sweet email from a friend
23. watching goose learn and grow
24. finishing a really good book
25. tulips

of course i could add a lot more to the list but i won't bore you. i'm off to spend the day with my family.  i'd love to hear what makes you happy...please share!! have a lovely day.



Jamie said...

Happy Birthday today!

Your decorations on the post below are so cute! We're making those tissue paper flowers for new beginnings next week, I might need to e-mail you.

Happy Birthday!

Jackie Norris said...

Happy Birthday Heather! I hope it's a great one. I like driving around to look at homes, too. Right now cooking is making me happy, it's satisfying to make something from scratch and have it turn out well!

Heather J said...

Thanks girls!

Jamie! Good luck with the tissue flowers. Should be fun.

Jackie! that makes me happy too!

megara said...

what a darling blog. it's so creative and unique. happy 25th! that's so young!!


Fashion Court said...

happy birthday!

Tori said...

Happy Birthday, sorry I'm a day late...I'm a little bit behind in Google Reader!! Hope you had a good day!!

evie s. said...

Happy Birthday Heather! My son and husband makes me very happy. :)

Dottie said...

Happy birthday.

Lovely list. Cameras, cats and bikes make me happy :)

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