a bit of randomness

first, i want to say thank you for your sweet birthday wishes. i also really enjoyed hearing from those who shared what makes them happy. i've been trying to accentuate the postive in my daily life and it helped for me to make a list of what makes me happy. i'd suggest trying it!

secondly, i recieved an email stating that today and tomorrow citizen blues will be listing all their designer denim for $65.00 or less. that's a pretty darn good deal for jeans such as 7 for all Mankind, etc. i'd suggest checking it out to see what they are offering.

thirdly, i hope you have a wonderful Monday (and week) and i'll be back tomorrow with some new loveliness.


Fashion Court said...

that's definitely a killer price for them! i'm not sure if you're close to a nordstrom rack, but they have really good sales on denim all of the time too :o)

Heather J said...

thanks for the reminder about nordstroms rack...i'll have to check them out next time i'm in Dallas.

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