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I'm notorious for hanging onto magazine articles, photos or other random things but doing nothing with them but let them collect dust. It drives my husband crazy (don't blame him). I finally decided to do something about it and have been scanning in the tear sheets I've pulled from my design mags. I've also decided to write down what aspects of the room appeal to me in an effort to try and hone in my design style. I've also been using my tumblr and interior tuesday as a sort of e-file for images.

Do you pull design images (or recipes, or articles, etc.) from magazines? If so, what do you do with them?


Becky said...

This is a GREAT idea, Heather! I love to organize. I have a binder full of magazine pictures I love, but I like this idea even better because I often don't want to pull out the binder. It's much easier on the computer. My blog: www.organizedmadefun.blogspot.com is full of other ideas for organizing stuff, too! I'd love to share your idea with my readers, too!

Madeline P said...

I personally do much better with a notebook. I find myself wanting to print out online pics so I can put them somewhere I can always find them again. hahaha.

Meredith from PenelopeLovesLists said...

Love this idea! I'm thinking you could take it one step further and set those scanned photos to rotate as a slide show when you're computer is asleep.

That way, you're more likely to actually see the photos more often.

I may do this myself. Thanks for the idea!

Heather J said...

Becky: Go right ahead!

Madeline: You must be better organized than I. :)

Meredith: That's such a great idea. I'm def. going to try it. Thanks for the idea!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I have the same problem - too many magazines lying around to collect dust. Lately, I've just been finding images online and bookmarking them. But there's something to the physical magazines that I just can't let go of.

Love your blog Heather! xo

P.S. I have a giveaway today :)

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Hi, visiting for the first time. Great idea. I have a notebook where I keep my favorite tear outs, but I've never thought about scanning them. Good space saver-I'm all about de-cluttering.

prashant said...

find myself wanting to print out online pics
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