it's a friday mashup

Wow this week has gone by fast. Good, but fast! Here are just a few links of goodies i've seen around and wanted to share.

:: Chances are you've already seen or heard about Kathleen's mad creative skills and the baby shower she recently threw. But if you haven't, might I suggest your heading over for some lovely inspiration {part one, two and three}.

:: Hip, hip hooray! The new Lonny was out yesterday!

:: Love this different take on garlands from I Still Love You.

:: I would've loved to play in a shed as chic as this when i was little.

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!


alli/hooray said...

Oh, I didn't realize the new Lonny was out again. Yay!

Beth Dotolo said...

Hello there! So glad to have found your blog! Love it!
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello on my blog...


prashant said...

Great post i love it.!!
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