a painted door

I love a painted front door, it makes such a statement.  Such a seemingly simple thing but it makes a big difference in curb appeal (if done right I should add).

We have some friends who are renovating a sweet little bungalow and the other day we were discussing exterior colors and how she'd love to paint her front door some fun color. I'm totally rooting for her to paint it a cheery yellow. Since our chat, I have been noticing a lot more of the houses in my neighborhood who have painted their doors something other than white or black.

gemma comas
Miles Redd via a lovely being
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Jackie N said...

Oh, I love painted doors, too! All the doors in our new townhome complex are painted blue. While it's not what I would have chosen, it sure is a nice change.

thompsonfamily said...

I love painted front doors! Makes the whole house stand out

Amy said...

that yellow door is lovely!

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Yes, I love bright and funky front doors! If we didn't rent, Id be all over that bright yellow. I love the orange too.

Came over from fabulous k. hi!

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