I am in the midst of a post-pregnancy wardrobe overhaul and am trying to pin down a few things.  1. Just what my style is and 2. What really works for me and my body type. My clothes from high school just aren't cutting it after having two babies. I may have developed some hips. Just sayin'.

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To help with my closet overhaul, it has been really useful to read Kendi's posts on creating a working closet. I have purged my closet and written a shopping list, now I just need to do the actual shopping (and try remixing). My goal is to create a solid wardrobe with basic but classic pieces that I can build upon.

For me, the price tag has always carried more weight rather than the article of clothing so I usually end up buying clothes because they were cheap/on sale. There is nothing wrong with getting a good deal, I'm all for it but there is getting a good deal and then there is getting a good deal on a not so good product. This brings me to goal #2: buy more quality items that will last me through more than three to five washes. I have a feeling it is going to take some patience on my part to not do any impulse buying but if I persist, I know I will be a happy girl with a closet full of clothes I'm in love with.


I hope that ya'll have a lovely weekend! Rumor has it the weather is supposed to get better this weekend. Maybe spring is on her way? I certainly hope so! Also, if you didn't get a chance to fill out my survey, I'd appreciate if you'd take a minute to do so. Pretty please? K. Thanks! See you Monday friends!


Jillian said...

good luck with the closet revamp! i need to be better about buying stuff i actually need, and resisting super sales :) have a lovely weekend! SO happy it's going to warm up! xoxo jcd

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I can totally relate! My New Year's resolution was to find my style and to be a bit better about buying quality pieces (that I love) even if they aren't off the clearance rack. In the days before the 1st of January, I went to Loft, picked out every single pair of dress pants that I liked in my size, tried each on and ended up buying six of them. (Full confession: I made my husband pay for them while I went outside. Baby steps.) I've felt so better about my work look since making the "splurge." Next up is spring wear!

Nikki said...

I'm trying to live by Kendi's ways too. It's tough. I have no idea what my style is.

Hips are badge of honor, wear them proud!

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